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Who is??

I am a computer systems engineer, graduated in 2007 from the Palestine Polytechnic University, next I registered for the Master degree in the same university in Informatics field. I was born in Palestine and there I live, and I'm proud that even Palestine is  a poor country but the IT field is reaching a very good level in the ten past years.


Last Updated: 22/09/2010

Information is something we must share 

I belive that everyone should share knowledge and information he's got with others which will make life more easy to face and make inventions wheel running faster than ever.

Technology and specially software developing is my field in this life, beside my interests and study in machine learning and AI fields. All of these fields are based on sharing information we gain and puzzling it in different ways and structures to reach the solutions of our problems.

 Beside, I belive that everyone of us have so many ideas in life, don't stay silent, say it and I'm sure it will be usefull one day because none of us has the same way of thinking or even realize things in this life.

 What I'm trying to do here is to put my information, my project's and even to present my ideas for everyone in this word in order to give humanity something maybe usefull and has benefits. So everything posted here in this site you can use for science, not for commercial.


Osama Dweik

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