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Osama M.Yaser Dweik
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Here I will list some of the common errors the developers falls in, that we can avoid ....


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Osama M.Yaser Dweik
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Posts: 9

Reports aggregation functions error:


Some times when you try to build a report and to insert an aggregation function like ( SUM ) for example you face an error as this ( #Error) even you are sure about the syntax of this function and the field you are going to sum is exist and writen correctly.


There are two things you must check:


1- be sure that there are no control in the report has the same name with the field, because MS Access always put the name of the control while you insert it the same as the field name, Then you will have a problem with applying any function referenced to the control name rather than the field name.


2- dont put it in the (Page Footer) section, because this section is not part of the report data. So you should put it in an appropriate section related to the data you have or even in the (Report Footer) section.


By: Osama Dweik

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Osama M.Yaser Dweik
Site Owner
Posts: 9


Sometimes when you try to make mde file you face a problem makes the Microsoft Access application stoped and not responding for a long time.


To solve this issue you should switch to the VBA code (Visual Basic Editor) and choose from the Debug menu: Compile < Access database name > which will check the syntax and semantics errors your file has and locate the error for you; such error mostly happen when you delete a control from a form or report without deleting the vb code associated with it.


after correcting all errors and ensure that the file has compiled successfuly ( as the compile option is disabled) you can now make the mde file you need.


Osama Dweik

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