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Osama M.Yaser Dweik
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I will present here my graduation project which was prepared by me and my partner eng.Malek Abu-Rayyan (2006/2007).

For educatinal perpose only

General idea about the project

This system is a development for the way of interaction between the computer and the user. This system enable the user to control the computer using a laser beam to work as a pointer device, where the user can perform any action that he/she can do using the ordinary pointer devices such as opening files, make a double click, browsing, drawing, and other jobs.

Colors Models

The characteristics generally used to distinguish one color from another are: brightness, hue, and saturation. Brightness embodies the chromatic notion of intensity. Hue is an attribute associated with the dominant wavelength in a mixture of light waves. Hue represents dominant color as perceived by an observer. Saturation refers to the relative purity or the amount of white light mixed with a hue.

Special components used to implement the project

  • Webcam
  • Laser pen
  • Data show projector
  • Microsoft Office XP Professional 2003
  • Visual studio .NET 2005
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional



Functional Requirement

1. The user should be able to point on a special place (area)

2. The user should be able to make a click or a double-click using the laser pen.

3. The user should be able to control the computer while he/she is far away from the computer itself and without touching any other input device.

4. The user should be able to draw on drawing programs using the laser pen.

5. The system should be able to determine the four reference points

6. The system should be compatible with all Windows operating systems.


General Block Diagram





How system works


1. To increase the flexibility of the program the user can change between the ordinary pointer of the computer (mouse) and the laser pointer. The NumLock button of the keyboard have been used to switch between them.

2. To increase the reliability and the flexibility of the program the system can work in four different modes:

I. Standard mode

II. Click mode

III. Right click mode

IV. Drawing mode

3. Another flexibility improvement issue is the toolbar that is displayed at the right side of the screen.



State chart Diagram


callebration window


To be continue....:)


Eng.Osama Dweik

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