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Osama M.Yaser Dweik
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Team Name: Master PPU Team

Team Member: Osama Dweik, Bilal Tamimi, Sami Salamin

About The Project: (This project was introduced in Imagine Cup 2010 In Poland and won the first prize In Palestine)

The vital factor in such emergency cases is time, people who calls to report an emergency and tries to tell what the type of the emergency is and where is the location, What if the person in an emergency is unable to make the call or speak! what if he was a tourist and have a different language for the country, does the translator always there to translate the request!. What if he didn't know where he is? It would take a lot of time to locate him and then to answer his request.

So what we are trying to do here is to simplify these difficulties and make information received more accurate and clearer and most importantly save time where every second can make a big difference and can be a defining second of life and death. The objective is to simplify and expedite the emergency request procedure, by providing the user with simple mobile application form with buttons each have a type name and image, he just need one click to report the situation to the emergency service server and his location will be sent through the GPS feature automatically.

The system also helps authorities in managing their recourses in case of disasters (e.g. earthquake) by identifying the distribution of requests on the map and the best use of the current resources. Beside, the system have a filter method to discard unreal requests in order to insure the usefulness of the system, and a database to be used to store data and requests as a historical reporting and logging advantage.


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By: Osama Dweik



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