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A list of certifications I have

1998 - The first place prize from the Ministry of Education competition for programming, the project was developed using vb6 language.

2000 - Internet trainer certificate - Schools online and IEarn - Berziet University.

2003 - Java Certification course 80 hours - Polytechnic University.

2004 - Reporting and communication skills 20 hours – Pyalara Institute and UNISAFE – AlRam – JERUSALEM

2005 - Introduction to Linux 20 hours - Polytechnic University.

January 2007: A BC degree in Computer systems engineer - Palestine Polytechnic University.

2007 - First place in the competition which held in the 2nd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and IT (11-3-2007) which has projects from whole over the country.


Augast 2008 - March 2009: ISEC Training Course.


March 2010: The first place in the local finals in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010.